Chembe Child/Orphan Care...

Chembe Child was created to assist the most vulnerable children in the community with nutritional food, social issues education, and a place to gather to feel 'at home' and amongst friends.

The children are 'hand selected' by our local team leaders and are considered to be the most in need of the sponsorship and the ones who will benefit the most from such support.

Chembe Child began in 2009 as a means to support these children and provide a support team (we call 'family'). In the beginning, with the help of the Sekanawo volunteers, the kids gathered in the backyard of a local home each day where they were provided a nutritious meal, games and were given a daily lesson. Six months later we were fortunate to receive the assistance from Kenyawi Kids who funded the building of a daycare centre near the back of the village which today is the gathering place for all Chembe Child and Sekanawo activities.

Recently a goat and chicken project has begun as a means to promote sustainability and a small garden is to follow.

Volunteer opportunities are avaialable and we encourage people visiting the village to stop by the Project Centre reception (located at Tuckaways Lodge) to schedule an afternoon with the children. We do request a minimum donation be made if you do wish to participate - 100% of this donation goes back to the Cheme Child proj.

However, if visiting the project, we do ask you to be a responsible tourist and visitor to the village and ask you to NOT give money or items (including sweets) to the children. Not only does it encourage begging but it discourages the children from an education when they are being taught they can make a living by begging. We understand a few dollars might not mean anything to you and would probably mean a lot to a child, but in the long run, you're not doing them any favors... please keep this in mind and remember that you can leave a donation with our team leaders who will make sure the funds are being used in a way that is most beneficial for these children. Zikomo Kwambiri!

The Difference your Donation Can Make...

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